This type of manipulation involves taking text from one source and altering or rearranging it in some way to create a new piece of text. This can be done using a variety of methods, including online tools, text editors, and even word processors.

An efficient method for text manipulation is utilizing online tools such as those listed below. These tools enable you to input text and produce the manipulated text in various formats.

Text editors offer a convenient method for editing text by providing a range of commands for manipulating input. Additionally, many text editors provide options for outputting the edited text in various formats.

These programs enable efficient manipulation of text through a range of commands and provide versatile output options using word processors.

This Online Tool is a versatile tool for editing text. It can be used to correct spelling and grammar errors, find and replace text, rearrange text, and modify formatting. Additionally, it allows you to perform operations such as converting text to uppercase or lowercase, reversing it, and sorting it alphabetically. The tool can also remove duplicates and count the number of words and characters in your text.