Text Case Converter

This online tool can convert your text to either all uppercase or all lowercase letters. Convert text to upper case, lower case, proper case, sentence case, and more!

What is Text Case?

Text case refers to the way in which the text within a document is formatted, specifically the capitalization of letters. Some common options for text case include all uppercase, all lowercase, sentence case (where only the first letter of each sentence is capitalized), and title case (where all major words are capitalized).

What is Upper case?

Upper case is a type of lettering that is taller than the lower case letters.

What is Lower case?

Lower case refers to the smaller form of the alphabet, as opposed to upper case or capital letters.

What is Title case?

Title case is a style of capitalize the first letter of each word except for certain words.

What is Sentence case?

Sentence case is a type of capitalization where the first letter of a sentence is capitalized, as well as any proper nouns.