Power Converter

Converts Btu/hour, Btu/minute, Btu/second, calories(th)/hour, calories(th)/minute, calories(th)/second, foot pounds-force/minute, foot pounds-force/second, gigawatts [GW], horsepowers (electric), horsepowers (international), horsepowers (water), horsepowers (metric), watts [W], joules/hour, joules/minute, joules/second, kilocalories(th)/hour, kilocalories(th)/minute, kilogram-force meters/hour, kilogram-force meters/minute, kilowatts [kW], megawatts [MW].

The unit conversion tool is a convenient and easily accessible solution for converting between various measurement units. Its quick and free online functionality adds to its user-friendly design, making it a valuable tool for anyone in need of unit conversions.