Pressure Converter

Converts atmospheres, bars, centimeters mercury, centimeters water, feet of water, hectopascals [hPa], inches of water, inches of mercury, kilogram-forces/sq.centimeter, kilogram-forces/sq.meter, kilonewtons/sq.meter, kilonewtons/sq.millimeter, kilopascals [kPa], kips/sq.inch, meganewtons/sq.meter, meganewtons/sq.millimeter, meters of water, millibars, millimeters of mercury, millimeters of water, newtons/sq.centimeter, newtons/sq.meter, newtons/sq.millimeter, pascals [Pa], pounds-force/sq.foot, pounds-force/sq.inch [psi], poundals/sq.foot, tons (UK)-force/sq.foot, tons (UK)-force/sq.inch, tons (US)-force/sq.foot, tons (US)-force/sq.inch, tonnes-force/sq.cm, tonnes-force/sq.meter, torr (mm Hg 0°C).

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